About Us

For almost 2 decades, Amy and Bianca have each been working with new and established businesses, to bring great design to their business.
In 2021 they decided to join their talents together and start Wry & Ginger Studio, a design company, named after three things they have in common:  a favourite beverage, a cheeky sense of humour, and their lack of souls natural hair colour.


Wry + Ginger Studio is a small business, owned and run by an all women team. 
Inclusivity and equity are important to us.

What Does that Mean?

In general,  it means we are committed to doing our best to design in a way that is inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.  We believe that  accessible, inclusive design, not only helps your message reach more people, but can support and empower more people as well.  


In reality, that means continuously learning, unlearning, growing and evolving. It means doing the work to continually better support our clients, and our community. 


We do not truly understand the discrimination BIPOC face, on a day to day basis, but we will listen, we will do our best and we will be part of the solution.

Amy Ramsay

Picture of Co-founder Amy Ramsay


Wry and Ginger Studio co-founder Amy Ramsay has spent her entire career creating and developing her skill for delivering great design. Wearer of many hats, her roles not only include Project Lead, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Manager, but her eye for all things design extends to many other areas. With over 18 years of experience, she has managed projects of all sizes and budgets and has always delivered with expert attention to the finer details and rarely over budget. Did we mention that she’s also extremely honest?

Beginning her career at Klick! Communications Inc. in Toronto, she quickly rose through the ranks from Intern to Project Manager. Following, Amy leant her skills to a fast rising startup. She was integral in launching the Bubl Technology Kickstarter campaign which was credited as one of Canada’s fastest raised Kickstarter goals.

Amy was instrumental in the marketing, branding, and social media strategy for the cutting edge 360-degree camera technology company. Amy has spent several years working as a freelance Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager, heading up many different projects for independent companies, from Stony Wilds, to Byde Beauty, ERA\VFX, and State & Co..

Amy has found her passion and won’t ever look back.

Bianca Smalley

Picture of Co-founder Bianca Smalley


Bianca is an experienced graphic designer and social media manager,  who uses her innate curiosity and love of problem solving, to explore new innovative and imaginative ways of communicating through design and social media.  

Having spent her career working client side marketing, she has over 15 years experience building brands and managing a large variety of projects, big and small, including designing print literature, designing/managing social media campaigns, and even major event planning.

In recent years, Bianca has also worked freelance, doing social media content creation for large accounts and graphic design work for many companies such as DKDA, Theories of EvoluSHAN podcast, and more!

Her love of all things creative and playful, extends to other art forms such as video editing, cross-stitching and painting. 

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